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Inflatables cartoon for sale

Inflatables cartoon for sale

Penguins tend to be fascinating wild birds. That they don't fly, they go swimming, and|and also their stocky bodies are well adapted to the amount of swimming that they do. This type of Inflatable Penguin 's substance is definitely fire resistant along with water resistant. You can use for advertisement, rental business, parties, clubs, parks, squares, out door entertainment backyard fun and other business functions. The belly of the Inflatable Penguin is white, and the other surface is black. Its feet is red. It stands on the floor. It would seem that it is going someplace. Its eyes are as glorious as the sun at its rising. You will like the attention the uncomplicated yet influencing style of this standing Mickey inflatable.  Besides,it is good for cultivate the knowledge of the animal for children.

No.: GCar-2
Size meter:6mH
Size feet: 20ftH

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